Reclamation Soil Meeting Update

[This email was sent to those on the Reclamation Soils mailing list on October 7, 2014. If you would like to be on the mailing list, please email]


As you know, MassDEP has scheduled a meeting on Friday, October 17th to discuss soil management issues related to the implementation of Section 277 of the 2015 Massachusetts Budget.

In preparation for the meeting, MassDEP has put together a blog at  We are using a blog (in addition to the MassDEP website at www.Mass.Gov/dep and direct email) in order to encourage broad communication outside the scheduled meetings.  Our hope is that interested parties (such as yourself) will contribute information from your area of expertise that is relevant to the Reclamation Soil Project .  These contributions may be examples of projects you have worked on, insightful comments on material DEP has posted, or links to material of interest to the Project.  Each page has a “Contribute to the Discussion” box and individual posts on the Home page have a “Leave a Comment” link.  (At this time readers cannot upload documents (files) to the site, so if you have material to contribute you can either link to it in a comment or email it to and it will be uploaded by DEP staff.)

We hope you have a chance to check out  before the meeting on the 17th and any contributions or comments you may have are welcome on the blog now – including suggestions for other material DEP could add before the meeting.

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