Audio & Visual Follow-up from Meeting

On Tuesday, October 28, 2014, MassDEP hosted a discussion of issues surrounding the characterization of soil that would be used to fill quarries, sand pits or gravel pits pursuant to Section 277 of the 2015 Budget.

The audio of this meeting is available (in five parts, each approximately 30 minutes long) on at:

Photographs of the white boards are also available (click to enlarge):



PLEASE NOTE that the meeting represented a free-wheeling discussion organized to help inform MassDEP about issues a wide range of stakeholders may have on this topic.  Many issues and suggested resolutions were discussed and the Department appreciates the time and effort the participants contributed.  MassDEP will consider this information, but there is no explicit or implied Department acceptance of anything suggested during the meeting (even if it written on the white board or you heard us paraphrase a suggestion)!

As always, we hope you will contribute to contribute your thoughtful comments on this blog (simply type them in the comment box below), via email, or at the next meeting.

Short Video Clip of the Meeting

The Next Meeting

Join us on Friday, November 7, 2014 (9:30 am – 12:00 pm) at MassDEP’s One Winter Street Office in Boston for a discussion of Approvals… including local approvals that may be required for large (greater than 100,000 cubic yard) projects and MassDEP permits/approvals.  More details will be posted before the meeting.

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