Nov 7 Meeting Follow-up

Thank-you to all who attended the November 7, 2014 meeting on local approval and state permitting for Reclamation Soil projects.

The web-streaming of the meeting went surprisingly well (with only a couple breaks due to connectivity issues), and the video is available online at:

Photographs of the white boards (click to enlarge):

2014-11-07 Reclamation Soil 08 2014-11-07 Reclamation Soil 062014-11-07 Reclamation Soil 032014-11-07 Reclamation Soil 01

The audio (by itself) is also available at

Follow-up comments, suggestions, interesting links, etc., are welcome through the comment box below or email to

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One Response to Nov 7 Meeting Follow-up

  1. massdepwsc says:

    MassDEP received the following letter from members of the Massachusetts Legislature: 2014-11-20 letter.pdf.


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