Comments on the Draft Interim Policy

Below are PDF  files of the comments received on the Draft Interim Soil Policy.  (Additional questions and answers may be found in the comments of the Draft Interim Policy blog post.) MassDEP will be reviewing the comments in the coming days  with the intention of issuing a Final Interim Policy in the near future.

01 – MBTA
02 – City of Worcester
03 – Agritech, Inc.
04 – LSP Association
05 – “Accidently” skipped
06- Construction Industries of Massachusetts
07 – McPhail Associates
08 – Congressman Stephen Lynch
09 – Avidar Environmental
10 – Prime Engineering
11 – Senator Mike Rush, Representative Edward Coppinger and
Representative Angelo Scaccia

12 – Charter Environmental
13 – Middleborough Conservation Commission
14 – Ecosolutions
15 – NAIOP
16 – UCANE
17 – Cumberland

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1 Response to Comments on the Draft Interim Policy

  1. massdepwsc says:

    Updated 6/22/15 to add the UCANE comments and to note DEP’s inability to count.


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