Facilities Accepting Reclamation Soil

See the MassDEP website at
for current information

The Department is working with a number of proposed Reclamation Projects and we anticipate several more facilities will be approved in the near future.  This list will be updated periodically.  As of November 30, 2017, the following facilities have MassDEP approval (in the form of a signed Administrative Consent Order) to accept Reclamation Soil:

The Administrative Consent Order (ACO) and incorporated Fill Management Plan (FMP)/Soil Management Plan (SMP) are facility-specific documents that reflect location- and project-specific conditions.  While the requirements applying to these facilities are similar, the ACO/FMP (or SMP) is developed in consideration of each project’s unique circumstances, including the physical setting, multi-jurisdictional regulatory requirements, and proposed future re-use of the property.  The ACO/FMP (or SMP) may be modified over time – please consult with the facility directly to best understand its current acceptance requirements.

NOTE:  This list does NOT include landfill projects that may be accepting soil as daily cover or grading/shaping material pursuant to COMM-97-001 and their operating or closure permits.

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