See the MassDEP website “Soil Transport, Re-Use and Disposal at
for current information

MassDEP has convened a Reclamation Soil Workgroup consisting of representatives from the legal, environmental consulting, and risk assessment communities, along with MassDEP staff, municipal officials, community residents, developers and other interested groups. The goal of the workgroup is to develop a program for the reclamation of quarries, sand pits and gravel pits pursuant to Section 277 of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ FY2015 Budget. This blog is a public forum for discussion of the proposed program. Please note that any material on this blog, including comments made by MassDEP staff and members of the Public, are part of the public record

Terms of Use

MassDEP reserves the right to remove posts that are not directly related to the Reclamation Soil topic, including spam (either multiple, redundant posts and/or advertisements), off-topic discussions, or posts containing offensive or inappropriate language. Comments made to this blog will be moderated before posting. Questions about moderated posts can be directed to Paul W. Locke, MassDEP BWSC Response & Remediation atPaul.Locke@state.ma.us.


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