DEP Presentation to MHOA

Every year, MassDEP and the Massachusetts Health Officers Association (MHOA) hold a series of workshops across the state to collaborate and update MHOA members on topics relevant to their job in the local communities.

In March/April 2015, MassDEP made a presentation on its ongoing work on Reclamation Soil.

The presentation slides and associated audio are available to view on YouTube (

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Reclamation Soil Update

Just a quick FYI that MassDEP provided an update concerning the DRAFT Interim Reclamation Soil Policy at the Waste Site Cleanup Advisory Committee meeting on Thursday, March 5, 2015. The video of the ~30 minute discussion is available on YouTube at: If you are interested in the full Advisory Committee meeting, all seven segments of the meeting are now available in a YouTube playlist at:

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Silence is Tacit Agreement to the Hypothesis:  there are NO specific examples of Massachusetts construction/development projects that would import more than 100,000 cubic yards of soil and which do NOT involve flattening farmland, interring bodies, or filling quarries, sand pits or gravel pits.

MassDEP has need of concrete examples of ongoing, pending or proposed projects for a Gedankenexperiment.  Use the comment link below or email your examples to… or don’t respond, and concur with the hypothesis!

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Material from 12/12/14 Meeting

While the live streaming worked (fairly) well during Friday’s meeting, we were not able to save the recording on the UStream site.  So instead, the video will be segmented into six smaller clips and posted on a Google Drive.  You should be able to watch and/or download the video directly. The clips will be loaded as we are able to process them.

(We’ll see how well this option works as we explore the available choices for public access to distant meetings. Please use the comments below to let us know how well this does or does not work.)

Reclamation Soil Meeting
Friday, December 12, 2014

White Board drawings (click to enlarge):

2014-12-12 White Board 01
 2014-12-12 White Board 02 location-concentration matrix
2014-12-12 White Board 03

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Agenda for Friday’s Meeting

MassDEP Reclamation Soil Stakeholder Meeting #4:

 MassDEP Boston Office

One Winter Street, Boston, MA 02108
December 12, 2014
:30 ~ 4:00 pm


  1.  Interim Policy on Implementation of Section 277 of the FY 2015 State Budget

– Description of content
– Q&A

  1. Draft conceptual framework for development of regulation

– Description of draft framework for permits
– Sampling and analysis at sites generating soil for receiving locations
– Options for local approvals

  1. Next steps

(Can’t make it to Boston? Once again, we plan to broadcast the meeting live on Ustream at and will monitor the stream for online comments or questions. Video and audio will be archived online as well.)

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Keep the Date!

MassDEP has (tentatively) scheduled a follow-up Reclamation Soil meeting for Friday, December 12, 2014 from 1:30 pm until approximately 4:00 pm. The meeting will take place in the 2nd floor conference rooms at the MassDEP One Winter Street, Boston, headquarters.

We realize that the day/time combination is not ideal. Unfortunately the availability of conference rooms and the tight program development schedule allows for few options. DEP anticipates discussing a preliminary approach the to quarry reclamation program based upon the previous meetings with stakeholders.

Once again, we plan to broadcast the meeting live on Ustream at and will monitor the stream for online comments or questions.

Please submit any comments or suggestions you may have through our Reclamation Soil blog at

I look forward to meeting with you on the 12th!

– Paul Locke

P.S. Note the word “tentative”. There is a possibility that the meeting will be postponed, depending upon the progress made over the next 2 weeks.

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Question for Consideration & Feedback:

“How would/should/could Incremental Sampling Methodology (ISM) be used to cost-effectively characterize Reclamation Soil?”

Reference Material:  ITRC’s Incremental Sampling Methodology

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No Nov. 12th Meeting

For those of you who may have penciled-in a meeting for this coming Wednesday, November 12, please erase it and enjoy a meeting-free morning.

There is NO stakeholder meeting on Reclamation Soil this week.

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Nov 7 Meeting Follow-up

Thank-you to all who attended the November 7, 2014 meeting on local approval and state permitting for Reclamation Soil projects.

The web-streaming of the meeting went surprisingly well (with only a couple breaks due to connectivity issues), and the video is available online at:

Photographs of the white boards (click to enlarge):

2014-11-07 Reclamation Soil 08 2014-11-07 Reclamation Soil 062014-11-07 Reclamation Soil 032014-11-07 Reclamation Soil 01

The audio (by itself) is also available at

Follow-up comments, suggestions, interesting links, etc., are welcome through the comment box below or email to

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Web Streaming of Nov 7 Meeting

If you CAN attend the November 7, 2014 Reclamation Soil meeting in person, we highly recommend that you do, BUT…

… if you can’t attend but will have access to a networked computer, tablet or smart phone, MassDEP will attempt to live stream the meeting at

Viewers should be able to see/hear the proceedings, subject to the limitations of our (minimal) A/V equipment.  There is also a Chat function which should allow you to participate (MassDEP will have staff monitoring the Chat to relay your questions.)  If all goes according to plan, the video recording should also be available after the meeting.

Please have patience as we try to expand opportunities for public participation in this project.

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